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@drewdevault That poll is meaningless since what's considered a political bias is determined by your own political views (ie. "my opinion is neutral since it's obviously correct, others are biased") and will thus just reflect the bias of your audience.

@drewdevault it's a bunch of different people with sometimes very different views, I don't think attributing an overall political stance to it is meaningful.

@lambda the main problem is the bias of the moderators, who hold a position of power over the entire discourse.

@foonathan @drewdevault this is the hackernewsest possible response

@drewdevault every time I attempt to participate in it, I remember why I generally want nothing to do with it

@khm @drewdevault Doesn't make it less true.

@foonathan @drewdevault your inability to infer nuance and context does not invalidate the survey. who, exactly, did you think you were going to enlighten with this absolute middle-school take? who involved with this topic are you under the impression you're educating?

these are called 'rhetorical questions' which are designed to evoke thought instead of a response. if you actually answer them it would indicate you're a complete rube incapable of self-reflection.

which is the hackernewsest